prada {purse} inspired palettes

I have quite the affinity for prada purses and hence have worn my fair share into the ground. My love grew even more for this luxury brand when I saw these lovelies in there 2010 resort collection. Starting with this stunning combination of brilliant orange and cobalt.

Perfect, right? The colors are just stunning and also translate beautifully into a bold and inviting interior palette.

( via unkown)
And then there was the perfect crisp black and white handbags with the perfect little touch of gold.

Which also is lovely color scheme when applied to an interior, especially when it is an entry way like this one...

(room by celerie kemble)
Lastly, love the combination of the slate and yellow of this one against the salmon dress.
Which of course, like the others, looks amazing when applied to an and point:

(via john granen)
So which prada purse inspired combination is your favorite?


connie said…
Love this Blair!!!
I love that floor with the white flowers.
iva yaneva said…
This is a lovely post! :)
there is something about orange and blue that makes me do a double take from the contrast. the purse and the room are beautiful.
Emily said…
Loving that first purse...and the room to go with it! The colors are fabulous. Now I only wish I could afford to buy that for my arm!
paula said…
I am loving that entry hall, stunning.
Daniella said…
Love this! The second combo... but I do like the first purse too! lol
Julia said…
Gorgeous! Such a favorite combination of mine, orange and blue!
the first one, yes! gorgeous!
Mrs. B said…
I also love the first combination. Stunning!
Karen said…
I love the first combination for sure. The sofa or chair in front of the bed seems to be a very popular look these days--so gorgeous!
Love the black and white purse. It's perfection!
Donna said…
really love that orange and navy color combo!
PS~Erin said…
That floor in the second pairing: LOVE IT!!
black and white all the chic! Great post Blair
Love the orange with the blue accents. I die. So pretty!
Courtney said…
Firstly, I love how you do this; it is one of my favorite of your features.

Secondly, may I have all three rooms in one home? Greedy, huh? Although the second shot is mostly my style.
I love how the last image isn't really one color but glows the color of the surrounding accessories...
The last one are more nice . Thank you very much .

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