a cozy [fireside] evening

It just started snowing here and all I want to do is spend a quiet Sunday evening curled up by one of these lovely fireplaces in a serene neutral living room.

(via southern accents, unknown, hans zeegers, stacey bradford and canadian house and home)
Hope you all had a lovely and cozy weekend!


Oh my goodness, it's so snowy here in Montana, too! I know exactly what you mean about just wanting to curl up by a fire. These rooms are all so lovely, plus you could watch the snow out their gorgeous windows.

Stay warm!
liza said…
My feelings exactly! Any one of these would do, thank you!
Cathi said…
Those photos look so lovely!!
Wow, snowing? I just got used to fall weather here in DC...still would love to be relaxing near any of those fireplaces.

P.S. Just discovered your blog. Love it!
west by south said…
Just discovered your blog...I love the fireplaces!
bananas. said…
i love fireplaces! and i love my own fireplace. sad thing is that we can't use it. when we do, the whole house smells like smoke.
Angela Furlong said…
It's a long way from the snow here in Australia but I can imagine myself curled up with a blanket and a good book in front of one of the lovely fireplaces featured. You have a really beautiful and inspirational blog, Angela
I put on socks in my house for the first time in FOREVER!

I also cannot even begin to tell you how much I love that first pic.


Rebecca June
Lucky you, here in SW France it is still warm and sunny. We are hoping that it snows for Christmas as it did last year.

Donna said…
I am so jealous...really hoping we get a good snow this year!!!
Anonymous said…
That first pic is amazing. Everything from the ladder to the wood in the fireplace and the amazing globe make it so cozy. the details are spectacular!
Padgett Hoke said…
umm, I am not ok with the snow. not ok, I think I might flee to warmer weather! but, I do like a warm glowing fire... these are great!
Christina said…
it just started snowing?! wow we are in different worlds. stay warm. these fire place examples are lovely and are making me wish for a snow winter myself (yeah, that's not going to happen here!)
we're loving the color palettes
escapade said…
I was walking outside the other night and could smell the smoke from a lovely fireplace - completely made my day. Now I'm just wishing the one at my house was functional
Ashley said…
I love all of the clever ways to store wood. The fireplace with the tall columns of wood on either side is stunning! I wonder how they take out a piece of wood when they want to burn it though!
I love our little house here in Alabama... but the one thing I wish is for a fireplace.
Linda said…
All of these are looking gorgeous . Thanks for sharing your post sharing . remove white background

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