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This has been a long week and I could not be more excited that it is Friday. One thing that I have not done in a while that I am determined to do this weekend is read a book! So, when I was thinking about which book to buy I also started thinking of where and how I should store my new book purchase and these are the images I looked to for ideas...

(via elle decoration, flickr, stephen shubel, jordan ferney, {this is glamorous}, micheal del piero)
Do you have a unique place that you store books? Hope that you have a lovely and relaxing weekend!


Daniella said…
Oh! That second last pic is gorgeous. Great way to store books... have a great weekend Blair!
Oh lovely. Right now my books are all stacked in laundry baskets. It's very avant garde. ha ha I'm moving some stuff around my office so the massive bookcase is heading downstairs hence all the books in baskets ready to make the trip down.

Normally they are just sprinkled all over my home. I'm a big reader.
That floating concrete shelf is amazing. I think I need to have one!
PS~Erin said…
That first stack of books is so pretty and pleasing. Love it!
Such gorgeous photographs. Sadly, I have no particular place for book storing. I simply have stacks of them piled up everywhere! :)
Jill GG said…
So what are you reading? I am always curious to know what everyone is reading! I am huge reader so I too have books everywhere... 5 or 6 by my bed, 3 or 4 on my desk!
paula said…
we are boring, just bookcases, but these have me thinking. Have a wonderful weekend Blair!
Most of my books are in my new bookshelf...although I need more books to fill it up. I love that 2nd pic...the stacks of book is like a decor piece too!

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'
Couture Carrie said…
Oh small world B! I just put the finishing touches on a bookish post for tomorrow!

I will definitely be linking this lovely post! Fabulous images!

simplesong said…
great post ... happy weekend to you!
Tales of Whimsy said…
I love books but I have this weird disorder with organizing. I demand perfection.
iva yaneva said…
right now my books are on the floor. I kind of like it that way, very casual, but since it's been like this for a while I think I need a change:) I am waiting for a shelf/bench to arrive and to arrange them on it. I love books! They add so much character to the whole place.

I love these images...I am always looking for new ways to store my books. Hope you have a good weekend.
yum--love these! right now i'm storing my books in boxes in a friend's garage since we don't have any bookshelves and I REFUSE to buy some cheap ones from ikea! I'm holding out for these: http://tinyurl.com/oruqzp

It's gonna be a long wait...
Anonymous said…
the first two photos have me swooning... I love the idea of a book tower (there's stores that sell them and it gives that topsy turvy leany look without all the hassle, wish I had one!)

also, my first time at your blog and I love it! <3
georgia b. said…
hey, there's that hanging a framed picture on a bookshelf thing i was talking about in my comment on your earlier post about how to display artwork. :)

glad the weekend is here for you. my weekends are not as exciting these days, because i'm off every day, so every day feels like a weekend. :)

i should enjoy it while i got it, hah? {i am—but i still would rather be working.}

have a great weekend, blair!
Courtney said…
All of these images are great! I am constantly saving photos of book storage/display too because, between E & I, we have quite a collection to tame; thus far we have them corralled in bookshelves, as well as stacks. Hope you have a great weekend, Blair!
Chloe Neill said…
I vote for photo 4. That's the office of a woman who has lived a fulfilling, successful life (or so I'd imagine).

And if you're still looking for something fun to read, I'd offer up my first novel ("Some Girls Bite") as a suggestion. :)
these ways of displaying books are so gorgeous!!
Christina said…
i love the idea of books as a side table. you definitely have to have the right kind of book though.

have a happy weekend blair!
Great collection! Always love book posts -- recognize the 'unknown' second last photograph as one of my scans :)
Unknown said…
My goodness, I just love that bottom image. I can just see settling in for hours at that gorgeous desk.
kadler said…
I definitely do not have a unique place to put them (all over the floor, my desk, coffee table, and bookshelves) just because I have so many that they cannot be contained in one space!
Lauren said…
Oh, I adore this look! I want all of these in my home! :)
jen jafarzadeh said…
love the top two photos. that stone shelf would be amazing in a super big bathroom. sit, put on a mask, read a book. relax.
Carey said…
So amazing this bookish feeling . Cut Out Image
Robert Smith said…
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