bringing the outdoors in {lattice detail}

I have been completely drawn to interiors lately that feature lattice like detail. I think it such a fun way to add some architectural interest and bring the feeling of lounging outdoors in to the home.

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Happy Father's day!


georgia b. said…
that last room is gorgeous—and my favorite use of this motif of all the images here.

happy first day of summer and happy father's day, blair.
Anonymous said…
*sigh* All the images are simply gorgeous!!
Couture Carrie said…
Ooooh I adore these lattice details, especially as curtains/window screens!

MoS Washington said…
I love lattices! They can really set the tone of a room depending on their individual design- mid century modern, regency, bohemian, even cottage chic. I have recently come across your blog and really enjoy it!
Christina said…
i really like the lattice screen acting as a headboard. a little bit of outdoors inside is usually a good thing.
escapade said…
These are beautiful - and add such an interesting architectural detail!
Love the little vases on the table.
Two Tall Girls said…
I've seen it done so badly but these are all beautifully inspiring!
Oh! WHERE did I see someone take a blah, blah dining room, paint it a great base color,and add a white lattice overlay?
It created such an amazing architectural element that the room had been lacking - it was Fantastic!

Now...if I could just remember... ;)
Tales of Whimsy said…
I too just love lattice!
Erica said…
I'm a major lattice lover... I'd have it in every room if I could! For now I've settled for fabrics bearing my favorite print!
jen jafarzadeh said…
great roundup! I love lattice, too. And these examples have a graphic meets whimsy feel that is just right.
Gaboushka said…
The last picture was designed by me at House & Garden! So nice to see it up here, it was one of my favourite shoots! Thankyou!
How beautiful this second picture . Cut Out Photos

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