small space solution [seperation by tile]

I adore this eat in kitchen! I just love the blue and white tiles and the way they create the appearance of separation between the cooking and dining areas--a great small space solution.

(via paul barbera)
What is your best small space solution?


Anonymous said…
That's so cool!
Unknown said…
Aren't they pretty! It has a really 'Swedish' look to me.
Christina said…
very pretty and as soon as i have my own home an can afford it, i'd love tile like this. as far as favorite small space solution, hmmmm shelving perhaps (i know that's boring but i'm not finished w/my morning coffee).
Willow Decor said…
How have I been blogging all this time and missed your blog? Very creative and great photos. I am going to spend some time looking around!!
I love the pattern on the tile. So pretty it really takes the kitchen to another level. I think in small spaces it's always key to take a chance. Use a bold paint color or a busy pattern that you might not put elsewhere. It really makes the room look special. People are shocked when they enter my tiny bathroom and see that it is painted black, but I always get the response of, " I would never think to do that, but I love it."
Daniella said…
Wow! That really cool. I love those sort of "italian" patterns in deep blue and white. Pretty!
These tiles are great! What a fun design to bring into a space. :)
Julia said…
The blue and white remind me of Holland and their skill with tile! *Sighs* beautiful!
Full House said…
Ooooh that tile is beautiful!! Currently I need to come up with many small space solutions so I will have to file this one away.
Wow I really like your blog! Now I'm one of your new followers!
Come visit mine!
Higs, Federica.
celine said…
Oh my god, absolutely my dream kitchen. LOOOOOOOVE the tiles!
Couture Carrie said…
That tile is lovely! My only small space solutions are good lighting and mirrors... I clearly need to expand my repertoire!

Rachel said…
I love this!!
I think too often in a small space, people tend to under-do it. They keep things light. To me, that amplifies the small space. Do something grande and bold.
kadler said…
I would think it'd look too busy, but it's actually beautiful. Great find.
small space solution? get rid of everything except the necessities and things you find beautiful.
Miss | A said…
way fun kitchen...have a great great day today.
Unknown said…
fantastic solution - and i love those tiles!

my lil solution is firstly, to keep things scaled appropriately - condo-sized couches in a condo-sized .. well, condo.. are best.

and no clutter! i like to create a clean line of sight from one end to the next - it always helps small things feel bigger!
No clutter. That is my small space solution. Oh, and mirrors!
georgia b. said…
so fun! you would not even need pretty dishes in a kitchen like that.
I have a few small spaces in my home, I find keeping it uncluttered works best. I love these pictures.
I'm in love... Now where do I get those tiles??
Chair and table on the last picture . Looks excellent . Cut Out Image

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