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(me with horses on a ranch in Arizona)
I try to keep my posts light hearted but this morning I cannot help but post about a cause that I hold very near and dear, animal cruelty (specifically horse cruelty). I have spent my entire life around horses and actually had the privilege of owning two when I was younger. I can honestly say that my experience with these amazing creatures changed my life--giving me not only confidants but confidence. To me, there is no better feeling than walking into a barn and being greeted by your horse with a whinny or than being able to trust an 1,000 pound animal enough to lay down beside it. Which is why it completely breaks my heart when people treat them with neglect.

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times wrote an article about the startling increase in abandonment and mistreatment of horses in the US due to the poor economic conditions. For many of those horses it was too late but today there is another heartbreaking story in the news. On the today show it was reported that 177 Thoroughbreds had been left to fend for themselves all winter long at a farm in upstate New York. These horses had been left for dead and were discovered emaciated, cut up and full of infections. Fortunately these horses were discovered and now 67 of them are in desperate need of a home. So, as the story stated "So if you have a big backyard, and a big heart, please consider getting one." You can learn more about what you can do by visiting the Columbia Green Humane Society Website.

I am terribly sorry to be so long winded but it is hard not to be on a topic that I care about so deeply. I just cannot imagine how anyone could dream of hurting such spectacular animals. Is there a cause that you have the same passion for?


Oh my I'm an animal lover as well so I totally understand were you are coming from. I can't believe that is happening. I wish I had a huge yard and I could take them in, but my house is tiny.

My huge cause is trying to stop violence again women. I volunteer for V-DAY and try and do my part!
Oh wow, how could anyone possibly do that? I hope those horses find amazing homes soon, they sure deserve it.
Rachel said…
Huge, huge animal lover. This utterly breaks my heart. I too can NOT tolerate animal cruelty or abuse. Just ask my husband... I talk about it a lot it seems.

I pray these horses find loving homes.. along with any other animal being abandoned.
Oh so sad! I adore animals, all of them, and cannot understand people who hurt them. I would love to own a horse, but my yard is very tiny and we are miles away... Hope they find a good home.
Have a wonderful weekend, Blair.
georgia b. said…
wow. i can't believe that.

don't apologize for this long post. it is heart-felt, but not heavy. it is evident how much you love and care about horses—even just in the picture alone.
Couture Carrie said…
Oh dear, poor horsies! This is a great cause, darling B.

Christina said…
don't worry about posting something that you're passionate about (those are the best types of posts!) this is very, very sad and it's horrible to imagine that so many horses were abandoned. the economic "crisis" has affected rates of animal cruelty, child abuse and spousal abuse. (deep breath). thanks for sharing, these sweet creatures are in my thoughts.
I love you for posting this. I have always thought about adopting a horse from a rescue organization should I ever have a yard big enough to accomodate one. You are perfect for bringing attention to this. I solemnly swear that someday I will take a rescue horse home. :)
pve design said…
As a Kentuckian, we lived near a stable - and I have always loved horses. They are so sensitive, so gorgeous and so deserve to be cared for. I hope that these horses find a good home.
Anonymous said…
Hey Blair!
Don't worry about bringing anyone down; I'm so happy you put up this post! Also as a Kentuckian I have a huge appreciation for horses and I'm so glad you're spreading the word. I'm going to post your post on my site in hopes that some people around here may see it and pass it along as well!
Miss | A said…
thanks for making us aware! wow. I am a HUGE horse girl. love them!!! grew up riding. just wish I had room for 1 in my yard :)
Blair Friedeman said…
Thank you for all your comments! It means so much to know that I am not the only one that cares about this cause!
~ Dawn ~ said…
I am totally with you! It makes me so angry. I let bugs out of my home and make my husband stop the car when there is a turtle in the road so I can get him/her safely across! I have a friend with a farm. I'll let her know about this post in case they have room for one more. Thank you for bringing light to something so important even though it's not pretty. There is much more to life than decorating and fluffiness... I applaude you for sharing! Sadly, I don't have room for a horse... or I'd be on my way with an oversize trailor!
Marian said…
It always blows my mind that people could hurt or be so mindless as to let this happen. I'm glad you posted about this and I hope all the horses find homes. I wish I had a bigger yard because I've always wanted a horse!

Not to take your post of topic at all but I just saw this video yesterday and for all us that have pedigree dogs it hits pretty close to home. Animal abuse happens all to often
Heidi said…
Thank you for sharing this story. It breaks my heart to hear that people are so terrible to animals. I have a love for horses, as well, and will keep these amazing creatures in my prayers.
PS~Erin said…
This is so sad and it makes me so angry. The irresponsibility of it really burns me up. Don't get me started on puppy mills... I pray these innocent animals find loving homes to live out their days.
Blair- I completely agree. I have a huge passion for animals and do not understand how people could mistreat them in any way. Breaks my heart.

A cause that I have a passion for isn't related to animals (although I LOVE them)... but to post partum depression awareness- we lost a friend's wife and son to it about a year and a half ago. An organization that I volunteer with is
alissa said…
my sister has taken in a horse that the owner could no longer take care of - its so sad that it happens. i should tell her to check out this website!
Courtney said…
Blair, I know I will only echo what has already been said, but no apologies for this post! Rather I'd like to say thank you. I LOVE animals, and I simply can't fathom how people can abuse and neglect them. Shelters break my heart because I always want to take all the animals home, and I wish I had a yard big enough for a horse or that my parents did-- my mom sold her horse shortly after she and my dad married, and I know she still misses being around horses more often. My biggest wish is that I could give her another! I think it is wonderful you brought attention to this subject, and I hope that all the horses find loving homes.
Melissa said…
Thank you for sharing this story. That is beyond sad that animals could be treated like that. I hope all the horses find homes soon that will love them and take care of them.
Courtney said…
No apologies necessary for this post: it is so great to hear a story that has inspired someone as this one has, you.

I am a huge supporter of animal welfare and agree with your reaction. I heard a very similar story occurring only a few kilometers from my home that broke my heart. Luckily, animal rights activists stepped in early enough to aide the ailing horses.

Awareness is the first step in moving towards better conditions for animals. Too often we turn a blind eye to these things and I commend you for bringing this story to light.

I hope you had a great weekend.
paula said…
I am so happy you wrote this. I rode for years, but also haven't rode but once since being married (5 years). I can not stand the mistreatment of any kind of animal though. I really just don't understand it.
Unknown said…
I love that you posted about this--the story just breaks my heart! When I started riding, it was one of the best things I've ever done in my life--horses are so magical, it's easy to see why myths and literature have been based on them throughout time. I just wish I had a bigger backyard!

xo Mary Jo
DesignTies said…
Stories like this just break my heart 8-( How can people be so cruel to animals?? They love us and depend on us to keep them safe. I can't think of anything meaner than abandoning a dog or cat or horse or any other animal, no matter what the circumstances :-(

I hope the horses in NY that survived all find good and loving homes.

Kelly @ DesignTies
Mario S. Henry said…
I also love horse . LIke your article guy . Cut Out Image

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