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When Alex from the fabulous blog, From the Right Bank to the Left Coast, tagged me to share one picture that reflects my style I thought it would be a pretty east task but I was quite wrong! My head began spinning and I came up with a list of all the elements this space would have but I couldn't find the perfect representation in a room. Yesterday morning I was perusing my daily morning reads and I came across the workspace of Milly designer, Michelle Smith, over at Kylie's truly lovely blog, Bandelle. And it was love at first sight!

I know that it is a fairly simple space but it truly has all the design elements that I long for-- traditional sensibility, modern touches, abundant light, gorgeous dark hardwood floors and splashes of vibrant color.

(images originally appeared in Traditional Home)
I would do almost anything to have that sofa--such beautiful structure and I can't help but smile when I admire the fabric. Ok, now to pass on this fun and challenging tag to five more bloggers--Christina of Down and Out Chic, Jess at The Homebound, paula of Two Ellie, Christina of You Can Call Me Chris, cmoi of Simply Seductive and anyone else that would like to join in!

Also, I have a hard time putting words to my style. Am I the only one with this problem? If not, how do you describe your style?


Callie Grayson said…
i love her office space too. That sofa with the simplicity of her desk is brilliant. Then that awesome pendant,mmmmm my kind of space.
PS~Erin said…
Love that space as well... My style is going through some sort of metamorphasis right now. I'm liking so many different styles and elements at the moment, and I'm having fun seeing what I'm drawn to. I am very interested to find out where it's going to settle. So yes, I'm having a hard time putting my style into words for sure.
Love the sofa too! What I like more about this space are those huge beautiful windows!
My style is pretty eclectic, lots of white, splashes of bright colors, a mix of rustic and modern elements.
Btw, Blair, I'm a bit shy to ask...would you like to trade links?
Thank you so much for your lovely comments, and for adding my blog to your roll, darling! You're so sweet!
this space is so so gorgeous! so you too i feel :) very chic, elegant & modern! i want that sofa too!

alissa said…
im with you - i can never describe my style. and when i try it just sounds like a random jumble of words that could in no way relate to each other. but they do in my head:)
c said…
these images are so fantastic off the top of my head, these words come to mind: i love the juxtaposition of elements, simple, eclectic, like past, future and present all tastefully thrown together. all at once simple and complex. a composite of inspirations that when placed together, become all the more fascinating....

i love helping people find words for their inspirations ;))) i suggest keeping an on-going list of words you find, descriptions you read, inspirations you have, that should help you notice the words that keep reappearing, the ideas that repeatedly inspire you and the random things that come and know like those topic lists on the side of blogs where the most used words get i making any sense?? ;)))) it's a fun exercise anyway..but i love words so...maybe that's just me!

good luck...if you need help with words you know where to find me :)
x chantal
Thanks so much for participating in my crazy challenge! This room is fabulous in the mix of textures and colors. I especially love that it's somewhat sparse but at the same time, there are so many interesting things to take in. Thanks again!
Christina said…
i love this room blair. it's minimalist but not cold or sterile. the couch really adds something w/the color and pattern. thanks for tagging me, i'll post it as soon as i find my perfect photo!
Blair Friedeman said…
Chantal, those are such wonderful ideas! Thank you. And I may very well take you up on your offer to help.
Anonymous said…
FAB office space!
I also can never describe my style. My style is a mix of keyworld and colors and I also must admit that my style is still growing on me.
Marie Antoinette would look right at home in this space. I especially love the chandelier and the sofa!
Anonymous said…
I think you did an excellent job describing your style!

"traditional sensibility, modern touches, abundant light, gorgeous dark hardwood floors and splashes of vibrant color."

I was thinking the same thing (that I would have a hard time describing/pinpointing everything) but when I read the above it was perfect! Pretty much my style to a tee.

Good luck finding your words.
PS- Excellent advice Chantal.
paula said…
thanks for the tag! I will so get on this now that I am back.
kadler said…
This space is so gorgeous. It's no surprise that I absolutely adore her clothes :)

My style? Depends on the day!
AAAAH what a DREAM work space. I swear I saw it in an issue of OPRAH Magazine..that sofa...i cant forget it!

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'
Candi said…
I would have a hard time as well. I love this space, I can honestly say I would do my best work in a space like this :) I've come to the conclusion that I only want WHITE walls. My favorite!
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