daffodil dining

I absolutely love how bright and cheery this dining area is (and features one of my new favorite decor details-a birdcage). I don't think I could do anything other than smile if I had this room in my home. The absolute perfect spot to start a day!

(via sara emslie)
Do you have a breakfast nook? Or a room that can always make you smile?


Emorie said…
LOVE those slipcovers! all the yellow is so nice--especially on a day like today--and the daffodils make me miss Nashville in the spring!
paula said…
so cheery. perfect for this dreary day.
inkWELL Press said…
All that yellow is so cheery - even if you weren't a morning person, eating breakfast in a space like this would have to make you smile.
Christina said…
the mix of patterns is just wonderful. it's busy but not too busy and definitely cheerful.
Anonymous said…
Oh, I love daffodils because they ALWAYS make me happy. My office is actually a cheery place when it's really sunny outside because the light streams in like it does in this photo.

kadler said…
I especially want that birdcage in the back (no birds, though).

Also no breakfast nook, unless you count my mushy Ikea sofa. Which I do kind of love.
Oh Blair, this dining room is absolutely gorgeous! It would definitely cheer up my day to have breakfast there!
i love our screened porch--and like the breakfast nook shown here, it allows for enjoyment of the outdoors.
Anonymous said…
oh my, i'm in love with those chair covers! i don't have a breakfast nook .. but after seeing this i sure wish i did!
Rachel Follett said…
Oh how lovely! I would love to wake up to this area every day.
the colours are so gorgeous!
DesignTies said…
I'm always drawn to daffodils... love them, big or small!
And this room is simply charming in its fresh yellow!!
Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies
Courtney said…
I smiled when I saw this room and then laughed when I read your post. I love those chairs and how bright the room is.

[Not to mention the birdcage: I just bought mine last week]!
Anonymous said…
Hi, Blair, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. This room is adorable. I can't get enough yellow these days so thanks for the fix!
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