couldn't resist!

As much as I love white interiors and think they create a wonderfully soothing environment I just couldn't leave a day of posts without a little pop of color. Can you tell that this is constant struggle for me? So, I looked to my absolute favorite interior accent color to do the job!

(via carrier and company)

(via sang an)

(via tobi fairley)
Also, I have some exciting news (well, at least I am excited)! I just decided that I am going home at the end of April for a charity showhouse event. Which is exciting in itself but more so because one of my favorite designers, Kara Mann, is adding her touch to the showhouse (which she will be leading tours of). Oh, and the icing on the cake is that there will be a presentation from the one and only Charlotte Moss!


PS~Erin said…
There's that green again!! So bright and pretty!
Gorgeous! I love, love the green and this is inspiring me today! Thank you hun!
ps I have a soft spot for anything with whales as well!
AMM blog said…
Green is a great color for white!
so lovely & refreshing!! :)
beulah designs said…
ahhh! i love love love green, too. very springy!
paula said…
I love green as an accent color. so fun and cheery.
Anonymous said…
i love those two green chairs together. perfect shade of green + print.
Oh I love green. What a great combo of shots! So exciting that you'll get to see/meet/hear Charlotte Moss.
Unknown said…
ooh! a trip home - exciting!

i completely love the white interiors as well, although i LOVE bright colours, especially green.

well chosen!
Christina said…
oooh, show house event? sounds fun and i'm jealous:)those chairs need to be mine, btw.
oooh those greens are just gorgeous, Blair! Especially love the second pic!
Anonymous said… make green seem positively marvelous, Blair! And a presentation from Charlotte Moss?! How fun will that be!
Charlotte Moss is one of my favorites!
An incredible talent.
These green images are delicious. I really like that green ottoman/stool with those nail heads. So pretty

Couture Carrie said…
Oh I absolutely adore this post! That overstuffed armchair is perfection! And I love the little green lacquer boxes in the first picture!

I constantly struggle with the same thing! To make things worse, colors I didn't even like before are becoming my new favorites - like green!
Courtney said…
The struggle between neutrals and color seems to be one so many of us face! :) I love the green, and your trip home (and the charity showhouse) sound very exciting!!
KARA MANN is one of my faves too...lucky u!
As for the post...i love this green, not sure how much of it i could add in my home...if done right it works though. ;))))))

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'
Rimi said…
All are looks very attractive . So thanks . Cut Out Image

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