bogged down...

Good morning and happy first day of spring! Completely bogged down with work this morning and very much wishing that my desk looked like any of these (versus stacked way too high with papers) right now.

(all images via james waddell)
How are you celebrating the first day of spring? Some ice cream or maybe a margarita?


Anonymous said…
I want a desk like that! Mine really looks like a bomb went off.

First Day of spring...finally! It's so sunny here I had my luch outside this afternoon.

Think I am going to treat my self on a glass of wine after I am done in the kitchen.

Have a great Weekend Blair!

gr. Mel
paula said…
First day of spring! I had no idea, I really should climb out of my whole every once in a while:) Have a great weekend Blair!
First day of autumn, down here! I love autumn as much as I love spring. I think I'll be treating myself with a nice glass of red wine while I cook tonight.
Have a wonderful weekend, darling!
Anonymous said…
Hey Blair, I love your blog. This is my first visit, but I will be a daily visitor. We share the same taste in colors. Soft, and neutrals. Nice to meet you.
how about some ice cream AND a margarita? today i posted link for 30 ways to celebrate spring--enjoy your weekend!
Jess Constable said…
funny you mention ice cream! I was running this morning with a friend and though it was 29*, I was feeling like some ice cream for my treat of the week. I think I might surprise Gertie, my part-time gal and treat her to some later today :)
Blair Friedeman said…
Oh Jess, that is a wonderful idea (not matter what the temperature)
Unknown said…
while i love these desks.. i have to ask.

shoes?! on a desk?!

(i guess it's cause they're really pretty shoes, they deserve to be featured on a desk. i'm going to put my shoes on my desk right about now - who care if my boss walks by my cubicle and thinks i've flipped my lid?)

have a great (and less bogged down) weekend, blair!
Blair Friedeman said…
Ha Ha! I was wondering when someone would ask about the shoes! They look like very practical and beautiful paper weights to me:)
Anonymous said…
Yay spring! And yay for gorgeous red shoes!

I'm celebrating the first day of spring by helping a client move...and by 'helping' i mean doing the whole thing while he does nothing and pays me mondo bucks to take all the work and worry of moving off his hands.

Not a bad deal, right? So maybe I'll have to take some of those mondo bucks and celebrate spring with a new pair of fab sandals! Urban Outfitters has some super cute ones this season :0

have a great weekend Blair!
Christina said…
looks like we're having the same day! i'd like to celebrate the first day of spring with some necessary sleep. (how boring am i?) have a great weekend:)
Miss | A said…
we are going to a SWIMMING party tonight! spring it is!!
Courtney said…
I am definitely going to celebrate the first day of spring with some ice cream-- well technically frozen yogurt. I have been craving some and the first day of spring is a perfect reason to go! And I would love a desk that was cluttered with such lovely things.
Anonymous said…
I wish my desk resembled any one of these! Have a good weekend!
Courtney said…
I celebrated with an extra long walk with the pup. I enjoyed the melting snow, fresh air, and mild temperature.

This evening, I'm celebrating with a glass of my favorite white wine. A quiet night with my feet up. *sigh*
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