time for a little trip?

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I beginning to feel a little antsy to get out of Jackson and craving some travel and adventure. However, since my bank account does not think this is a good idea I thought it was time to take my blog on another trip. So far these "trips" have taken me to both England and France but I can't decide when I would like to go next.

Maybe the beautiful and sunny beaches of Brazil?

Or a romantic countryside?

A charming old city of brick and stone paved streets?

Somewhere both exotic and luxurious?

But then again, the coast of southern Italy doesn't sounds like a bad idea either. So many options. And all of these beautiful photos from Julien Capmeil make the choice even harder! Where would you like to go? I would love your suggestions!


Anonymous said…
My dad went to Jackson Hole one time and now he says it's his favorite place on earth! He would die at the thought of anyone ever wanting to leave there! :D
Haven and Home said…
Dying for a vacation, my bank says no too. Those pictures are gorgeous though!
Courtney said…
Come visit us in Canada! We'd love to have you. However, please wait until the spring: there is still snow on the ground most places.

On that note: I'm with you on the sunshine. I'd love to visit a beach as soon as possible.
hmm, this is a hard choice! maybe take a year off and travel around the world? ;)
Romantic Pansy said…
Rome is wonderful! i lived there for a year and its a magical city
cassandra said…
oh, these are all fantastic, and i'm TOTALLY craving a little travel too!! a friend and i were dreaming of paris or italy this spring... but there's no way it's gonna happen right now. the closest i'll get is staying at the bellagio in a few weeks! but these images are certainly helping my daydreams!
Anonymous said…
Wow! I would stay at each one of these places. But, I am partial to the charming old city of brick and stoned paved streets.

I am travelling to Cuba and Hawaii next. Cuba will be a new experience for me, but Hawaii is by far my favourite place to go.

Have you been there, Blair?
Blair Friedeman said…
I know--just so many choices!

Jena, no I have never been to Cuba or Hawaii. Sadly, haven't really traveled much in large part because I am deathly afraid of flying! Hence, why i am taking my blog on a trip instead:)
Anonymous said…
There are SO many places I'd love to go. At this very moment I think I'd pick North Island (Seychelles).
c said…
welllllllll, there's no harm in returning to france {i lived there for 5years and my social life still exists in france more so than here...so i'm back and forth a lot} but next up on my list are istanbul, oslo {a fav}, andalusia, and a small beach town in italy called maratea where my italian friend is getting married this summer....... but the very first thing on my list...is finding employment to fund all of this ;)))) bon voyage.
Marian said…
What a great idea! Traveling through your blog and photographs...I'll have to try that :) I think Jena has the right idea of going to Hawaii but since I live there, I'm digging the romantic countryside.
I would love to go to Italy. I'm in the process of talking to a family about being their Au Pair in northern Italy for the summer!!

Also, we had some friends of a friend come stay with us last weekend on their way to and from Jackson. They said it was amazing!
Dawn L. McDade said…
All are amazing specially the beach scene looks more nice to me , thanks . Cut Out Image
Robert Smith said…
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