sustainable saturday {weekly round-up}

For the second installment of sustainable saturday I wanted to share a couple things I came across this week that continue to prove that there is such a thing as eco-chic.

Loving the new designs from LoooLo textiles, a truly a fabulous company that works to make products that "blend modern aesthetics with true sustainability." All of their beautiful products are made of certified organic materials and are completely biodegradable. These pillows would add wonderful visual interest and texture to any chair, bed or sofa they were thrown on!

Also pretty smitten with these both beautiful and beautifully packaged goats milk soaps from beekman 1802. They are completely chemical free and dyed with only natural dyes.

Great gift or as an adornment for your own powder room. So, I am curious, what do you do to be green (even if something small) or do you have a favorite eco friendly product?


paula said…
those pillows are lovely and that packaging, wow. For me, I only use green cleaners, bring my own bags to the store (although we forgot last night), and buy organic milk and not very many foods with preservatives. I really wish we could eat all organic, but the prices make that hard. Soon I hope to change out all our light bulbs too. Oh, and all Low VOC paint throughout.
The pillows are fabulous! The soaps are great with the natural dyes, and I love the packaging. Green is the only way to go.:)
Brunch at Saks said…
Oh I adore those pillows! They are so gorgeous :)
Anonymous said…
I reuse ribbons, wrapping paper etc, take 'green' bags to do the grocery shopping, reuse grey water in the garden, recycle paper, plastics etc.

I love these soaps! Thanks for introducing me to them.
Heidi said…
Wow, what crazy pillows. That is really neat that they are made completely out of biodegradable materials!! Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
Delphine said…
those soaps are so cute! :)
to answer your question, i threw away all my chemical based bath/hair/body/face products, and replaced them with natural ones. i'm also replacing my detergents one by one, and i also started "separating" my garbage (plastics, paper, glass, others) for recycling. i eat as much organic food as i can, and replaced my cat's litter stuff by an eco-friendly one. my favourite eco-friendly product is my organic cotton towel from Habitat :)
Callie Grayson said…
i love these posts! you always show fabulous items that make me happy.

I use Mrs Meyer's cleaning products.
Blair Friedeman said…
Thank you Callie! I love meyers cleaning products too--especially because they make cleaning smell good:)

Delphine--good work replacing all your beauty/bath products!

I am so impressed with all of your green tendencies!
Anonymous said…
I really like this eco-chic series. It is wonderful that you are showcasing eco friendly designs and highlighting that they can be really lovely.
Anonymous said…
Oh wow, Blair

Thanks so much for finding our site and featuring our soap!! Keep up the wonderful work of editing the www with your wonderful sense of style.

Founder, Beekman 1802
Mario S. Henry said…
Beautiful these products . So great thanks for shared . Cut Out Image

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