rolling tables

I love the idea of being able to move your kitchen table with just the push of a finger, by having all rollers on all the legs. Wouldn't it be a fun way to present appetizers to guests--just by rolling it right on in the room? Or if you wanted to move from the kitchen to the family room to be close to the fire while not having to pick up and move all your plates and wine? Can you tell I really like this idea!?!
(I just found this in a photographer portfolio last night but of course didn't label the picture-opps!)


summer said…
i am loving this idea too!
how marvelous to be movable.
and those chairs are the perfect match.
a beautiful room! love the movable table & those kitchen units! the plant pots are pretty too
Anonymous said…
Oh this is such a great idea! My meteorology lab class has moving tables and chairs but this is just so much better than that :) Great find Blair!
Callie Grayson said…
what a great idea! and I love the warm colour!!! with the white drum lighting. brilliant!
paula said…
fabulous! wonder if I could do this to my own table?
Courtney said…
That kitchen is so gorgeous! I love the idea of a coffee table on caster, but had never consider a kitchen table on them! Seems like it could prove very useful too.
Eric K. Rust said…
Excellent to see this dining specially these chair . Cut Out Image

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