puppy love

A girl can never have too many dogs or too many wraps--ok, well that is what I tell myself! This philosophy is probably the reason that I am quite smitten with this merino wool dachshund shawl from Virginia Johnson.

It would be quite lovely over a simple white dress in the summer time!


Emorie said…
i don't know if i can agree with never having too many dogs, but i can definitely agree that you can never have too many wraps! this one is adorable!!
Courtney said…
What a lovely shade of blue! I have a weakness for dogs, scarves, and merino wool. This one is right up my alley [and agreed: it would look great over a white sun dress].
I absolutely agree with you. Adorable!
The City Sage said…
AHHHHH! I am obsessed with all things daschund and this takes the cake! Never mind that the color is gorgeous, but to wear my fave pup around my neck is a dream come true!

Now if only I could convince my landlord to let me have a real one...
So much thanks for shared tis post here . Likes this .

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