perfect resting place

About this time every night I find myself gravitating towards serene and luxurious places to lay my head and tonight this bedroom is just calling my name. It just looks like a place where nightmares could never exist. I especially love the beautiful mirror serving as a headboard!

(via paul costello)


Callie Grayson said…
and the fabric on the ceiling reminds me of puffy white clouds. what a beautiful room!
Miss | A said…
i love that too but I will say I would be scared that woudl fall on my head! I am looking for a wall piece for our new wall in master over bed and am thinking a lot about falling objects bc we have old walls and shifting foundation stuff- the joys of old homes!
Padgett Hoke said…
Ok, I am so glad you came to my (not nearly as exciting as your!) blog! I am also glad I didn't have much going on this evening as I became lost in your pictures and inspiring! I have been a neglecting blogger lately, but you have proven the kickstart to get me posting more often! This will become my regular stop on morning blog-stalks!
Heidi said…
What a lovely room. I love the white. It is my favorite decorating color!! Have a fabulous weekend.
i just woke up but seeing this gorgeous bedroom i don't mind going back to sleep in there! (of course this has nothing to do with the fact i love sleep ;)
summer said…
oh, this is perfect!
that huge mirror & the trunk at the end of the bed... i'm crazy about those.
"a place where nightmares could never exist"-- love that.
I need some end tables like husband's alarm clock is on the floor.
Kate Glennie said…
Excellent to see this bedroom . Cut Out Image

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