new heights

I love high ceilings and the airy spaces they create. However, it can also make a room difficult to decorate and can easily feel pretty bare. I think this space takes advantage of the feature well thanks to the spiral staircase, plethora of pictures on the back wall and art pieces up to the ceiling. It definitely helps to have the enormous window too!

(via Pernille Kaalund)


Courtney said…
What a ceiling! I love how symmetrical and monochromatically decorated this room is. The wall art running up to the ceiling is a brilliant way to accentuate the space, tying it all together.
Anonymous said…
The light! The light! I can only imagine how inspiring it would be to live in a space with that much natural light.

I'll just console myself by thinking about how big the heating bills must be ;)
Courtney said…
Floor to ceiling windows at that height... I swoon.
Callie Grayson said…
this makes me sad, just a bit! i just got out of my loft contract (i was supposed to move in December 2008 but they won't be done until 2010 and I couldn't wait)

but anyway, it had a high ceiling like this with huge windows!!! facing west so I could watch the sun set.

Oh well, the good is that I will have a house and yard for my sassy pup to run around in:)

great images!
Rachel Follett said…
My walls are around 20 feet and I still haven't quite decided what I want to do with one of the walls. I really like this idea of creating shelves like that though. Thanks for the inspiration!
Kellen Jacob said…
to have windows like that would be amazing as long as you were very secluded of course.
summer said…
those photo shelves are simple & stunning- love that idea!
Both of these image are stunning . Cut Out Image

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