little splash of raspberry please!

Ok, so finally a post with some color in it! I am quite drawn to raspberry accents at the moment--a little more sophisticated that a pure pink and not quite as serious as red. I really love red and blue together but it can sometimes feel to nautical but raspberry and blue definitely doesn't present the same problem.

(via living etc)

What is your favorite color combination of the moment?


Courtney said…
This is a gorgeous colour combination. No nautical influence here!

Currently, I can't get enough of Charcoal and Butter [or Lemon] Yellow. It's everywhere and I'm eating it up.
Rachel Follett said…
What a gorgeous space! The wallpaper, the raspberry sofa, the butterfly print. I love it all!
Callie Grayson said…
That blue is so heavenly with the sweetness of that raspberry, me like! a lot!!
I am into a few colour combinations at the moment:
Charcoal and soft yellow, like courtney
Avocado green, with small hits of red and powder blue
White with fuschia and butter yellow

Miss | A said…
OMG! These are my new colors in my new master re-do! How did you figure it out?!!!! Love this.
I've seen that raspberry or magenta color all over the clothing stores too - what a fun color matched with the blue!
gina said…
Love the picture, the wallpaper is terrific, and so it the color mix. I just did a post on lime come visit me thanks gina
Loving raspberry as well. Definitely the sophisticated sister of pink!
The butterfly art on that wall is to die for! x
Jess Constable said…
Hmm. My favorite combination at the moment is melon and yellow. Perhaps it is a longing for spring to finally arrive!
the colours are indeed so gorgeous in this room, a fresh bow of rasberries would look so great in there too!
Christina said…
the combination of color and pattern here are perfect. love it.
Anonymous said…
so lovely.
Anonymous said…
So lovely and cheerful but not sticky sweet--what a great color combo! That couch is fab. I love the tufting and bench seat, and of course the hue is perfection!
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