local style guest post {emorie broemel}

In my effort to prove that Jackson Hole locals are a stylish bunch I asked one of my fashionable friends to do a guest post and I just LOVE what she came up with! She has such brilliant taste and as you will read is quite savvy.

When Blair graciously asked me to do a guest post on her wonderful blog, I had one topic immediately come to mind, the impending “wedding season”. I know it’s only February but living in Wyoming, I need to plan ahead so I have ample time to shop, locally and online. However, with money tighter than ever for most of us, buying several new party dresses plus accessories seems like an extravagance. But a wedding, the point is to look sweetly glamorous, emphasis on sweet—after all, it is the bride’s day. So, I have been thinking about the necessity of having one such dress to wear to all five weddings that are on my calendar for this spring and summer (and not to mention the fact that I am constantly dreaming of warmer weather).

With all this in mind, I set out to find that single, perfect dress plus fabulous complementing accessories that would carry me through this “season” with ease and style. And why not have one go-to outfit?

Most of the weddings I am attending will have an entirely different cast of characters! If you find yourself attending several weddings with the same set of friends, just look to accessories to freshen up something from the depths of your closet. This colorful Shoshanna dress, neutral Moschino heels, and satin J.Crew clutch I found (plus my favorite wrap) will make packing and dressing for my summer and spring weddings stress free, just as it should be.


Sara said…
I love this dress - and it would look great on just about anybody! This ensemble makes me think spring can't get here soon enough!
AshleyL. said…
That dress is fabulous! and I used that clutch in one of my recent posts too! Its quite the find :)
Wonderful post!
Courtney said…
That dress looks perfect for attending spring and summer weddings- so cute! I also really love the J.Crew clutch-- the color is fantastic, and the style is so sweet. A fashionable friend you have indeed!
georgia b. said…
i stopped by to see what's going on at your blog.

it is still perfect and lovely as ever—even more so.

i love the peonies post! i can't wait for spring!

i'll try to be back soon.

Rachel Follett said…
That dress is quite perfect for a wedding or any spring event. Love the colors!
christina said…
I love that dress! It's the perfect balance of floral...not too flowery, but really feminine. And I'm a huge sucker for bows on accessories! Great series, by the way.
Courtney said…
This outfit has me so excited for Spring! Bring on the warm weather!!
Dallas Shaw said…
i NEED this dress

Jane said…
How excellent her local style . Looking superb . Cut Out Image
Clipping path said…
She is looking so beautiful. Really so nice. Thanks

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