shoes fit for a mouse

My nickname is Mouse, so when I saw these precious shoes from marc jacobs I just had to share them. They even have a little curly tail stitched on the back! However, I worry I may attract some of the living version by wearing them?!


this is so adorable! just lovely
AshleyL. said…
Oh my goodness! These are far too cute! :)
Oh my, this might be the cutest things ever. I love marc jacobs.
Anonymous said…
these are great, blair!
Callie Grayson said…
adorable! you have to get them!! would be so cute with jeans or a sweet little skirt or sundress.
Jill GG said…
I just love these too... this spring MJ has a "jelly" version out too... would be fun and cheeky for a rainy day!
cevd said…
i love mouse shoes ... i have a silver pair and a cow print pair ... and now really really really want these ").
This little shoe color is unique and the post and the tittle is perfection . Cut Out Photos

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