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The past few days I have realized that my posts have been quite random and each so different than then last. I am thinking that I need to add a little more structure to my postings. I happen to love being random but I am also quite envious of fellow bloggers that designate days for certain topics (such as Under the Paper Moon's Wedding Wednesday or Mosty Mod's Tasty Tuesdays) or have certain series that they post each week. The only structure I currently have is my cheap(er) chic series and they are always my favorite posts to put together. So, I have been trying to come up with more regular series and would love to get your thoughts! Which posts or topics are your favorites? Do you like ones on color, fashion, recipes, accessories, specific rooms, stylists, photographers or ones that are more personal? A favorite delight by design post?

Any and all feedback would be very helpful!I am so excited for your thoughts.


Jill GG said…
Blair, it seems like you are really good at noticing color... a pop of green here, a pinch of purple there. I love it when you find those great colors and share - I can see it when you post it, but wouldn't likely find it on my own! That is a strength for you... maybe "color wonder wednesday" or something to the like! Best wishes and it's a great idea!
Miss | A said…
i love reading other peoples recipes and personal things and inexpensive ways to design and just day to day stuff I can relate to in my chaotic world of reality. I also love your posts that you do- and you do have a great eye for color. i will be working up to more structured days also(even more so) total OCD personality plus I think it really helps you come up with ideas easier. Atleast I can focus on them.
xoxo. you are great! Just love your blog so much girl! I would not change a thing. Books might be fun. I am not a huge reader as I don't have time but dreamy to think about.
Girly-Girl said…
The collection of randomness of your blog is the thing that keeps me coming back. If you want to add more structure then it's only going to be an added bonus.

Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to the changes.xx
christina said…
Blair, I totally know what you mean...I've been trying to come up with "themes" for mine as well. But honesely, I love the surprise of what I'm going to find when I open your blog every morning. But, like everyone else has said you ARE really good with maybe do something in that direction. But I really really think you're fantastic and I love being surprised.
georgia b. said…
i have an idea for you. i did this for my blog. go back and look at what you've done, and write down the ones YOU enjoyed the most. if you do that, then those are the topics you should write about in a series form the most.

i mean, it should be something your readers like, too. but i'm pretty sure all of your readers like everything you post, because it's all about pretty things or well designed things or unique things.

you will not get burnt out on doing these series posts if you have chosen something that YOU enjoy most. and whatever it is, it will be something we enjoy most, because it will show in your posts.

whatever gives you the most joy, will probably give us the most joy. we're all stopping by regardless, because we came to see Blair and her view and her take on things.

we'd love to see what moves you! or at least i can say that for myself, but i'd bet all your readers will agree.

all that said, i love your interior posts. you seem to find some lovely things that i would not otherwise see.

and i love your fashion posts, too. but truly, Blair, i love it all!

i can't wait to see what you come up with! your blog has a feel all of it's own, and it will be fun to see how it evolves!

beautiful image you have chosen for this post.

have a good night, friend!

Blair Friedeman said…
WOW!! Thank you so much for saying such nice things about my little blog and for having such great words of wisdom. It is very greatly appreciated!
Anonymous said…
i like the randomness of your blog! you have really great finds ... different from others. i'm new to your blog...but have noticed that you do put lovely things together. so a regular theme might be a good idea too! that's not very helpful at all - sorry. just keep what you're doing! :]
C'est la Vie said…
Blair I seem to find my self in the same position as you..I think it is a little ADHD..Comes I think with us creative folk...My mind can't get through with one thing then here comes something else...Fahion,decorating, food, photography kind of nice to know others feel like I do....Stop by sometime..Amy
C'est la Vie said…
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Anonymous said…
Your blog is already so lovely. I can't think of a way to make it better. I create categories for me to keep me focused and motivated but I don't always stick to it if I get a burst of inspiration somewhere else. I am sure I will love whatever you decide. By the way this photos fits so nicely with your post. I heart it!
for me it's not about the stucture of the blogs you do blair, it's your amazing ability to find so many stylish things that's so unique ;) , random as they are (i'm guilty of that too!), who wouldn't love a collection of beautiful posts? i alwasy love posts on fashion, style and rooms so wouldn't say no to more of them!
paula said…
hmm. i personally love your randomness. it's like a little surprise waiting every time. all your posts are quite lovely.
Anonymous said…
I like the randomness as well. I agree with Paula and that it is a "little surprise" seeing what is posted. And I gravitate a bit more to lifestyle blogs that post about a few different things. I love design blogs, but I think it is fun to get a sense of someone's aesthetic through clothes, books, music, design, art and even food.

Thanks for sharing such lovely posts!
Callie Grayson said…
I rather like the randomness of your posting. I am very structured at work and in my blog, but I love random issues, events, items and pleasures that pop up in life and your blog always has some random beautiful image or thought. I enjoy it the was it is... just saying:)
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