I always tend to make way too many new years resolutions--I guess in the hope that maybe I will keep one! These are the current top 3 on my list (which will surely change tomorrow!). Maybe, I should add being more decisive?

(1) Cut back on coffee, which means that I will be drinking a lot more tea and I think that would be much easier if it was served in one of these adorable tea pots from helbak.

(2) Have a greater appreciation for the little things in life, in all the details of a day that make it a special one. I think I will try to take cues and inspiration from one of my new favorite stylists that definitely knows her details, Lucyina Moodie.

(3) Lastly, and one always have is to be more self confident, like I imagine this lovely lady is:

(via design*sponge)
As much as I want to know what your resolutions are I am more curious to know how many of you have even kept one.


Anonymous said…
Love the framed goodies. Beautiful styling!
i love how you linked each resolution to a stylish product or photo blair, in true delight by design style! ;)

i'm still thinking about mine yet, maybe being more decisive would be a good one for me too!
christina said…
Happy New Year!
I think your resolutions are great. And I love the photos as well.

I'm still working on mine, so thanks for the inspiration.
Miss | A said…
love your list!!! happy 2009
I definitely need to cut back on coffee as well!
georgia b. said…
oh, goodness. you seem like one of the most confident people i've ever met! but i guess we could always have more, right?

you have every reason to be confident—for you are a very gifted blogger and such a sweet, delightful girl.

you inspire like the best of them, girl!

we can all draw confidence from YOU!

glad to see you want to appreciate the more simple things in life. if we all wanted that, there would be a lot less problems in this world, hah? well, maybe not, but it's nice to think that way.

i wish you the very best in your pursuit of these 3 things.

ps. i adore that little framed collage!
Courtney said…
Blair, your resolutions are great ones. I could add them all to my list too (except I just love my coffee too much... I do enjoy tea, but I typically only tend to drink it at night or when I'm sick.) I always try to remind myself to appreciate the little things, but sometimes it is easy to just let a day pass without doing so.

And some resolutions I've kept were more goal-oriented (like "pay at least "x" number of dollars towards one of my student loans each month"- over the minimum, of course!!)
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