rationale for luxury

I love when I can find ways to rationalize extravagant purchases and just found one more reason to purchase beautiful designer luggage. When the zipper is broken or a seam tears they can have a beautiful second life as the base of a very glamorous table.

Ok, so it may only slightly rationalize this purchase but it does create a lovely look.


Anonymous said…
What freaking great idea! Love this look!
la la Lovely said…
Pretty pretty blog you have!!! thanks for visiting my site.. I could be very happy with a night stand like picture #2 - ooh la la!
x Trina
what a fab idea, definitely justify investing in a good luggage right? those louis vuittons look so good!
totally with you Blair! Emma (at White and Wander) and her mother bought the most amazing cases at auction, they are to die for. Have made fabulous props, coffee tables and storage units for them both x
Callie Grayson said…
You can also rationalize that not only are you using them as a beautiful side table, but they can store your lovelies inside!!
great images.
summer said…
wonderful idea!
i hope i can do this someday!
Anonymous said…
Absolutely! Not only is this justification for buying them in the first place, but it's also a great excuse to travel more----that way they get worn out faster and a ready for the bedside!

Then of course you'd have to replace them with new luggage for traveling too...it's win win!
Courtney said…
What a lovely look, indeed!
perfect bound said…
i love these vintage style suitcases. makes me believe my next trip is just a few steps away. (cute blog, i'm hooked.)
Tina D. Ballard said…
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