my dog thinks she is cat

Ok, totally random post but my dog, Tally-Ho, just make me laugh sometimes. Her newest trick is when there is no room on the sofa she crawls up on top of the back cushions and just makes herself right at home. I don't think people believe me when I tell them this so I had to document it.

Do your pets use your furniture for unintended uses or have any quirks that make you smile?


Callie Grayson said…
Tally-Ho is sooo cute!
yes, my dog does strange things as well. She loves soft cuddly images, my through pillow um, her through pillows.... she drags them room to room and lays on them like a princess.
mind you the pillows are 18x18 and she weights 65 pounds.

Blair Friedeman said…
awww. that is quite cute. They do like to be comfortable!:)
Girly-Girl said…
Tally-Ho is adorable! I love the name.

At night our princess (boxer) used to say goodnight to us and then wander into our bedroom (alone) tuck herself into OUR bedsheets and sleep comfortably until we came in and turfed her out. Cheeky bugger! Oh well at least she warmed up the bed in winter time.
Anonymous said…
Awww, labs are the greatest! My Lucy is a crack up, she knows "hungry", "eat", "biscuit" and just about anything and everything that involves food. When you say "where's mommy" she starts jumping and crying wanting to go outside- looking for my mom to come home.
tally-ho is so adorable! my cat panda (she looks like a panda and is a huge cat!) likes to use my laps or my mum's as a sofa, and if you move slightly, she gets a bit annoyed and stare at you as if to say "stay still sofa, can't you see i'm trying to sleep!"
Courtney said…
What a sweet girl! Tally-Ho is so adorable. Oh, and unintended uses of our furniture- don't even get me started :)

Our smaller dog, Moose, (he's a Shih Tzu) uses the shelf of our coffee table as his hangout- we stopped putting any magazines or books on it because they inevitably went flying off. We call it "his bunk." And last January, for a brief period, he took to sitting on our side tables- just hanging out.

And our bigger dog (80lbs!,) Itchy, seems to think our bed is really his dog bed in the afternoons. About midday we'll notice he is missing, and we ALWAYS discover him lying on our bed, with his head on a pillow!
Blair Friedeman said…
Courtney, Tally is the same way about my bed--she will curl up under the comforters and all you can see is the huge lump under the comforters.

Thank you for sharing all your pet stories! not quite sure what I would do without my dogs.
Anonymous said…
Your dog is adorable and I too love the name. My cat gets embarrassed if I catch him rubbing up to my fiance. So cute!
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