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I have recently been very much enjoying reading the beautiful blog simplesong. However, I had no idea until today what an incredible talent for letterpress the author has. If you have not already, just look at some of her amazing and just flat out beautiful pieces. I think these are my two favorites:

It seems so many bloggers have hidden (or hidden to me!) talents--I would love to know what yours are? Are you an amazing chef, do you write, do you create lovely cards, have a knack for stenciling?


Lynne said…
I have no hidden talents - but I do love Simplesong too. I was just looking at her etsy shop the other day and eyeing up these same items!
Courtney said…
Oh, I've never read her blog, but I looove her work! I think the Happy Anniversary/Happy Birthday library-style cards might be my favs, but she always has beautiful stuff. Now I need to check out her blog!
paula said…
suanne is amazing. she's beautiful inside and out.
Anonymous said…
thanks for the blog love and your very kind words! its so appreciated.

i've been enjoying your blog, btw. i added it to my google reader the other day and have been catching up ever since.

keep up your lovely posts...and thanks again! cheers!
Clare M. Little said…
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