inspiring setting

This is my new dream setting for all things creative and thoughtful. It just fits so well my idealized and romanticized writing, blogging and creating location. The candles dripping with wax, the worn table and the appearance of being in the middle of nowhere make it just perfect!

(via kate mathis)
I can just imagine the incredible letters that could be written sitting on that beautiful porch while sipping some red wine. What is your ideal creative setting?


georgia b. said…
this is very inviting. it reminds me a lot of my parent's screened in porch on the house i grew up in. lovely, lovely.
this is so gorgeous, so warm and cosy, i'd love to sit there wrapped in a blanket and read!
cassandra said…
ohhhh.... i love this! very cozy. it would be a dream to curl up there and blog blog blog all day long!
Callie Grayson said…
this porch is very cosy and inviting. The simplicity of the space is what I love about it, with the view like that.....anything is possible, writing away sipping my coffee in the morning
Anonymous said…
I love this. What a romantic and cozy setting.
Clare M. Little said…
Really i'm inspired after seeing your post . Cut Out Image

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