Happy Weekend!

Wishing you all a lovely and carefree weekend!

(via tim evan cook)
This is one of the first weekends where I have no "must do items" that so frequently come with the holidays, just plans for dinner out with friends and getting my dogs (and me!) some exercise. Do you have any routines that your weekend is not complete without--the NY times crossword perhaps?


Anonymous said…
I feel the same way. My pup is going to get an extra long walk around Memorial Park this weekend (Houston). Thanks again for your incredibly nice comment on my color predictions. So glad you stopped by!

x Kylie
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a perfect quiet weekend! I love to go to the farmer's market on sundays (one of the blessings of living in CA is having it all year round.) but this weekend the huz and i are going for an overnight in Carmel. My favourite part of being there is waking up when it's still dark and walking on the beach as the sun rises. there are always people exercising their dogs and i swear, i've never seen happier pups than I've seen on that beach, playing in the surf!

and yes, I AM ready for a rumble lately I think! All the energy that comes with starting a new year, perhaps...? or maybe it's just those kickboxing classes I've been doing at the gym :)

have a great weekend blair!
perfect bound said…
how lovely. winter weekends always start with coffee and more time under the covers. enjoy! xox
Miss | A said…
my wknds are nit very relaxed! up at 6am still with the kids. the fighting starts soon after and then the long day of entertaining.I am making it sound bad- it isn't but school days are a hair easier to work. My sweet husband is working all day tomorrow so I will be home doing a project with the kiddos. Happy relaxing to you friend. I am looking forward to Monday! :) hee hee
Callie Grayson said…
this weekend, i planned nothing but do whatever fun thing pops up!
like sledding with my neighbors... will post photos later tonight!!!
and laying around, stretching (my back is killing me.) it hurt before sledding, and I am sure sledding didn't help!
Just impressive and i'm inspired after seeing your post . Cut Out Image

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