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There have surely been times when hosting a dinner party that people ask for your recipe (well, I have only been asked once and it was for this pad thai recipe). However, instead of simply giving them a print out, sending a URL or providing a photocopy of the recipe wouldn't it be so much more lovely on one of these very sweet recipe cards from the petite press.

What is the one dish you make that makes guests ask for the recipe?


Miss | A said…
I wihave to try that pad thai! YUM!!!
Rachel Follett said…
I am really not quite the cook. My fiance does more of the cooking fortunately and people always ask for his recipes. The only thing is that he never makes something exactly the same. It is quite frustrating. I love these cards and it would be a really great gift for my mom. Thanks for your sweet comment about my valentines cards.
Callie Grayson said…
very sweet!
people always ask about my shortbread.
Amanda said…
These are so pretty (and practical!). I love letterpressed stationery, it's one of my favourite things.
Courtney said…
Oh, I flipped when I saw these earlier this week! They are quite fabulous, and I love how you thought of having them on hand to hand out copies of recipes when they are requested (I selfishly envisioned rewriting all the recipes in my recipe box when I saw them- yours was a much sweeter thought!) And I am going to check out your pad thai recipe- yum!
Love and like your excellent gift . Cut Out Image

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