france calling: street style

If you love french street style I have found the french blog for you, that I stumbled across on the Vogue Paris site. The blog is from the very stylish illustrator and photographer, Garance Dore.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Courtney said…
I am just loving all things French these days. It's everywhere I turn and I can't get enough.

Thanks for these lovelies!
Callie Grayson said…
i would love to look as chic as the girl in the top image on my way to work!!!
thanks for sharing, i now have another blog to follow. great find!
Heidi said…
Oh I absolutely loved it. Thanks so much for sharing!! What fun outfit ideas.
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous photos!
I love Paris & I love the people's style. Always stylish where ever they are.
Courtney said…
I love Garance's blog! It is so inspiring and makes me sigh with slight envy... if only I could appear so effortlessly stylish every day! I especially love the girl's outfit in the first photo!
alissa said…
So effortlessly beautiful!
So much thanks for shared this guy .Cut Out Image

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