delicate beauty {abigail percy}

I just came across the most beautiful and delicate jewelry from Glasgow based Abigail A. Percy.

I especially adore the rings!


christina said…
absolutely beautiful. I think those rings are completely perfect.
Girly-Girl said…
I am in love with those rings and those earrings are so pretty!

Miss | A said…
I love those rings too. Hmmmm...maybe you should buy one.
gold & pearls, how perfect! this has my name written all over it, maybe i'll leave some hints for a certain someone, it'd make a perfect valentines gift!
Blair Friedeman said…
Miss Aimee, unfortunately my bank account said No but they are definitley going on my ever growing lust list.

Tina, hope your hints work:)
georgia b. said…
ohhhhh . . . i like the earrings in the top right and the rings! lovely lovely lovely.

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