daily serving of citrus

We all know that a little citrus in a diet never hurt anyone, so maybe these bright citrus colored interiors will be good for mental health. Especially refreshing on these dreary winter days!


georgia b. said…
wow. so pretty. i am a huge orange and green person when it comes to decor, so this post is right up my alley!

i've missed you and your blog! being sick sucks—mostly 'cause it keeps me away from my favorite blogs!

i have lots of catching up to do.

thanks for still stopping by while i was sick, even when i could not return the favor. :)

i'm off to read through all the rest from the past several days.

have a great week, doll.

Girly-Girl said…
I love citrus colours, they are so vibrant and fresh, although I must admit I'm not really a fan of the green kitchen. Something tells me a Sunday hangover in that kitchen would kill me.

Totally random thought, but I've started having a slice of lemon in my water each morning and it's doing wonders.
Callie Grayson said…
really enjoyed these pretty punches of colour! that top kitchen is my favorite, very vibrant.
Blair Friedeman said…
Georgia- I hope you are finally feeling better!

Traling spouse-that sounds so refreshing! I love cucumbers in my water--makes me feel like I am at a spa.

Ok, and Callie-you are up way to early!:)
Miss | A said…
Great post today :)
Loving that green kitchen with that gorgeous backdrop of green wilderness! Oh....dreamy!!! :)
please sir said…
Oh I love those pops of bright color - I like seeing them in the accessories.
Sharon said…
I love the green decor, very fresh. Not to mention, a bold choice of color;)
Anonymous said…
What a gorgeous round up of images Blair! These are so bright and cheery, just what i needed after a bit of a rough day (let's just say that losing my driver's license wasn't the WORST thing that happened today!) But somehow when i see these pics, everything feels a-okay!

and thanks for the link love too! ;) hope you're feeling better!
Courtney said…
What perfect citrus yumminess for a winter day! I love the first two images- they looks so inviting! And I would love a big bowl of grapefruit too.
Lupe A. Nesmith said…
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