I saw it first on coco+kelley and then on Decorno and just kept hoping that the terrible news that Domino was closing was all a rumor but then read about it from too many reliable news sources. I am in completely and utter shock! It was my favorite place for color inspiration and reading it always lifted my mood. I am in complete panic as the only other interior design publications that I really love are all international and none of them are available in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. What is on your reading list? Do you subscribe to any international shelter publications?


i totally know what you mean blair, oddly, domino was the international one i wanted to subscribe ever since i got their decoration book as a christmas present! guess it's back to Elle decor uk for me.
Anonymous said…
tragic. the end of an era.
Callie Grayson said…
i can't believe it myself. I went by the book store I always buy my magazines and was trying to find out when the next one is coming out for them to hold it for me.... i read, they will publish up to march 2009.

i was in luck that the manager who orders the magazines was there tonight and I told her about the magazine, she was shocked too... she said it is the most requested magazine.
She offered to order any magazine that I would like, so I will be coming back by your post to see what other cool magazines people are reading!!

funny the word verification for this comment is
Anonymous said…
My mom subscribes to Mary Engelbreit, Cottage Living and Country Home all three are being swapped for either Martha Stewart or Sunset magazine. It's so sad!

Reading Callie's comment reminds me that I went to all the check stands trying to find Domino magazine the other day and had no luck. Either they pulled them from the shelves or they sold out right away. So sad!
Anonymous said…
hasn't this just ruined your entire year! i'm still in shock. and i know what you mean about the only other good shelter mags being international...though I do love house beautiful.

i think i'm just going to have to subscribe to a bunch of aussie publications like 'real living'. but nothing will ever be the same mix of high and low, accessible and aspirational, that domino is!
Anonymous said…

I died a little when the news came out over Twitter. Domino inspired me the most out of the shelter mags -- First House & Garden and now Domino. Booo.

I subscribe to Maison Française and Résidences Décoration but also love Elle Decor France and House & Garden UK.

I wonder if you can order the mag through the Valley Bookstore?

Blair Friedeman said…
Thank you for all of your suggestions! I seriously am still in total denial.
perfect bound said…
great photos. sadly, gone for good.
Amanda said…
I'm very saddened by this too as I was quite late to the party at discovering how fabulous Domino is.

I subscribe to Real Living, it's a goodin'. Also Australian magazine Home Beautiful is a great read. There's also Inside Out which I love.
Lynne said…
Ooh yes, I have read Inside Out and it was good.
Marie A. Bang said…
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