all tied up with a bow

I go through phases with my clothing style--from relaxed, classic, sporty to preppy but lately I have been loving really feminine styles (think bows, soft colors and embellishments) . Today, I am wearing shoes with bows on them and very much wishing that I had all of these other flats with bows to keep them company. Especially, the metallic marc jacobs ones!

(via kate spade, j.crew, marc jacobs, maloles)


paula said…
i must agree. just lovely.
Jill GG said…
sigh, you can never go wrong with a marc jacobs flat. or a bow. love them all!
bows and flats are a perfect combination, is it too greedy to want them all? ;)
Anonymous said…
I'll take the marc jacobs, thank you. I wish I didn't need a million things before these adorable shoes.
Heidi said…
Wow, I love the shoes. Flats are my favorite. Oh and thank you so much for being so kind to help me with the wardrobe hunt. I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner I have been away on vacation.
Blair Friedeman said…
No worries Heidi-I am happy to help!

Jess, unfortunately I do too and they are definitley not as exciting (dog food is topping the list today).
christina said…
Ooh! Flats with bows are my FAVORITES! I never wore flats until I had a I have no other choice because I can't keep up with him in heels.

So if I must be banished to a life with flats, may it be a life with bow-adorned flats. :)
Adorable! I am thoroughly in the pro-bow camp.
Courtney said…
Oh, I love the marc jacobs too!
cute, cute, cute! We have a fabulous aussie designer who does the best ballet flats. xx
These are so cute. I especially love the bows on the Maloles ones.
Well heels . I'm thinking i will gift such heels my fiance . Cut Out Image

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