wreath roundup

I am so happy it is Friday-this has been a very long week! One of the items on my to do list this weekend is to purchase a wreath (I am very behind on the holiday season this year!). I love traditional wreaths with just a perfect red bow but thought these were quite festive and beautiful too:

(via apartment therapy)

(via cottage living)

(via martha stewart)

(via real simple)

(via viva terra)


christina said…
You're right on two counts:
1. It HAS been a very long week
2. All of those wreaths are wonderful. I especially love the first one.

Have a great weekend.
These are beautiful! I love your sweet willow tree as well! What a lovely blog! Thank you for visiting over in my neck 'o the woods! :)
Heidi said…
I just discovered your blog and love it. It has such fun ideas on "how to live a simply stylish life."
Rachel said…
I've never cared about wreaths but I suddenly feel a burning desire for that first one. All those succulents are just too pretty.
Blair Friedeman said…
I think the succulents are my favorite too!

Thank you for stopping by and for the kinds words Melissa and Heidi.
Courtney said…
I love the succulents, but the rest are pretty fab too! Great choices.
Callie Grayson said…
i would have to say the succulent wreath is just divine!

I have been out of town and when i get back this weekend, i will be making my wreath for the holidays and this post is very inspirational. i was going to go with a traditional but i think i should make a project out of it!
Each design looks mind blowing . You have a great thanks for share . Cut Out Image

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