rosemary topiary lust

I would very much love to add some rosemary trees to my kitchen to fill the empty space my Christmas twig tree has been occupying. I also wouldn't mind this kitchen to go along with them!

(via Kelly Hoppen)
You can find some very cute rosemary trees at Stonewall Kitchen.


georgia b. said…
i do love the smell of rosemary!

and yes, that kitchen to along with it?—i could handle that too. it's so spacious, clean and dreamy!
Callie Grayson said…
I love rosemary too!
I bought a rosemary tree this past summer and it is huge now! I trimmed it yesterday to dry tied with pretty ribbons to hang in my kitchen.
I will suggest getting one or two or three for your kitchen! you will love them.

I also bring a pot to boil with fresh rosemary and then rinse my hair with the strained water. Makes your hair smell heavenly!!!!!
Blair Friedeman said…
Callie--I am so doing that to my hair today! That sounds absolutely incredible.
paula said…
i love these and that kitchen. thanks for the link, i've been wanting some.
Girly-Girl said…
Love the little rosemary trees and the kitchen!! I spy a wine fridge. :)

Callie - I love the rosemary washing hair idea! Might have to try it tonight.
Courtney said…
Those rosemary trees are so chic and lovely. I would adore them in my kitchen as well.
Kim J. Mosqueda said…
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Robert Smith said…
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