{random musings} the power of a handwritten note

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This morning I was looking through some pictures and found some letters I was written. It got me thinking how when you are reading a letter from someone in their own handwriting the new meaning it takes on. When the same words are placed in e-mail form their is a "je ne sais quoi" that is lost. I think there are many things that are easy to say in Tahoma font that you wouldn't say or would say differently if in your own handwriting. I love in old movies when you seen lovers separated by distance writing these passionate letters to each other and the excitement of the recipient upon receipt. Staring out the window waiting for the postman to arrive definitely is a different experience than constantly refreshing an e-mail inbox. I think that I am going to try and start sending more letters and that I will send them in these envelopes:

(found via Cup of Jo from Etsy shop high street market)
And maybe add this book to my Christmas list:

(available here)
I would love to know- do you write letters? Do you agree that the power of the handwritten word is more impacting than electronic communications?


Miss | A said…
that is so funny I just started that last week again. I miss getting beautiful mail and it used to absolutely make my day when I did. So I sent out a ton of handwritten letters just last week. Great post! cheers
Rachel said…
Those pictures are lovely. I wish I could say that I'm good about sending handwritten notes, but with the exception of thank you notes (which I send for just about everything!) I tend to rely on email. Maybe I should get back in the habit.
paula said…
i do love sending out letters. lately they have been in the form of long thank you notes though. i really want that book too!
hand written letters are just so much more personal, i used to write to my friends overseas & loved shopping for pretty lined paper to write on!

those hand writing are so beautiful, mine is kinda babyish ;)
Blair Friedeman said…
Mine looks babyish too Tina! Whenever we sign office cards I get made fun of because it looks alike a six year old signed it:)
georgia b. said…
i do--to my very closest friends. we make hand made cards to each other. there is just nothing like a letter or card with good old fashioned hand writing.
Anonymous said…
I love to write letters, and post cards too while traveling. I was helping a friend clean his closet and discovered that he had saved all the postcards I send him during a summer I was away. It was so fun to read them all, like getting a note from my past self.

And of course writing letters means having an excuse to buy gorgeous stationery!
Courtney said…
I love what you said about the difference in what you write in Tahoma v. in a handwritten note. That can be so true!

During both E's deployments, I sent handwritten cards and letters (in addition to my daily emails!) just because there is something more intimate and special about seeing someone's handwriting! I can't tell you how much it made my day to get a letter from him, even when it was two to three weeks old by the time it reached me!!

I try to send cards/notes to people from time to time, but I don't do it quite as often as I wish I did. And, just like when I was in college, I still get excited to receive a handwritten card/letter in the mail (especially when it mostly just junk mail and bills anymore!)

Those envelopes are so sweet too- a perfect send off for a personal letter.
Callie Grayson said…
i love writting letters and notes.

my grandmother always said "if you want someone to know how you feel, write them a letter"

I have written letters since childhood and all the letters I have received, I have kept wrapped in pretty ribbon. (it's a lot of letters, an old trunk full)
I will have to add this book to my wish list.
great post!!
Viola K. Norman said…
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