pretty pinecones

When I was younger I used to love coating pine cones in glue and glitter for Christmas. Now that I am older I still love playing with both glue and glitter but also appreciate more grown up pine cone holiday decor.

(via flickr, real simple, country living, real simple and toast and tables)


christina said…
I've really been liking pinecones too lately. I especially love that pinecone place card holder.

Hope you stay warm this weekend! xo
Callie Grayson said…
great post!
my niece, mimi and i made painted pine cone trees this week to hang on the tree. fun with paint and a 3 year old!!!
I will always adore pinecone trees, wreaths, etc. I really like the table setting, very sweet idea!
These are great! I grew up in the country and we had a HUGE tree at the front of our house with pine cones, your post have brought up some long forgotten memories for me, thanks gorgeous! x
Anonymous said…
I've been liking pinecones recently too. Just simple and non-glittery. :)
Annie J. Pierre said…
Really all are looking impressive . Like these much . Cut Out Image

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