papered together

It always amazes me how finding something lovely brightens my day. Today has been a very hectic one (hence, my minimal posting) but it was instantly made better when I saw these adorable letterpress coasters and new years cards from the etsy seller paperedtogether.

Ah, the simple things! It helps that I have a soft spot for hedgehogs.


Miss | A said…
I bought some of those for friend gifts and LOVE them!!! Get some!
georgia b. said…
i LOVE anything letterpress!

i have been meaning to do a post about letterpress cards for a while now. i will have to add this one to my list!

i like these ones, because the colors are so pretty—not quite the usual colors. but very muted yet still vibrant. hmmmm . . . how'd they do that? and a porcupine? how cute is that?
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Robert Smith said…
Very very nice stuffs. I like the designs. Really so cool.

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