another new {british} love

So, this is the second British company that I have fallen for in the past week-Cox & Cox. They have the most amazing, unique and adorable products. If I posted all the products I loved the list would be endless! Here are just a few of their products that express how much I "heart" this company:

(brown sugar hearts)
(vintage fabric lavender heart)

(zinc heart and chandelier place tags)


these are so cute, that first sugar is so adorable & clever! off to check out the rest of their stuff! great find!
Callie Grayson said…
oooh, i need to head over there! i am loving them all too!
georgia b. said…
oh, my goodness!! these are not only the sweetest little things, but the pictures of them are just beautiful.

i just came to your blog after not being able to do my my blogging for a few days. i don't have the time to stop at them all, but i wanted to make sure i hit yours before i got myself to be for the night.

i'm so glad i did. i got to see this lovely post, and it is a great thing to see for my last sight of the day!

now i'm off to scroll down and check out everything else i've been missing!
Joslyn said…
i'm totally smitten with those little sugar cubes. too cute!
Blair Friedeman said…
I just would love to have a tea party just to use them!
Tracy J. Ollis said…
So much thanks for these ncie photographs captured . Cut Out Image

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