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I flew back to good ole Jackson, Wyoming today and some of my parents friends were on the flight. I completely forgot that their daughter was a handbag designer until I was admiring the mother's purse at baggage claim. Long story short here are some of the lovely handbags of their daughter, Kristin Holstein's company Kage Handbags:

I highly encourage you to check out all her designs here.


Anonymous said…
oh my, i love that first purse/clutch. thanks for sharing .. off to check out her designs.

and thanks for visiting my little blog. happy new year!
i have a weakness for bags and these are gorgeous, i LOVE the colour of the last one!
please sir said…
Ohhh I love the horse shoes on there - what a great idea!
Anonymous said…
These are FAB! How cool that you know the designer...love the little yellow clutch and the soft brown tote with the big horseshoe clasp. too cool!
georgia b. said…
i'm with Anne. i love that yellow clutch! but they are all cute! i just came from Nordstrom where i was drooling over all the fabulous handbags—drooling quickly turned to choking when i looked at the price tags, though. :)
Courtney said…
These are fabulous- the horse shoe clasps and charms are the cutest addition to the bags. And how fun that you know the designer!
These bags are looking excellent . Great thanks for shared guy . Cut Out Image

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