holiday card displays

The holiday cards are starting to arrive and instead of stacking them all in a basket, as usual, I really want to find a way to display them so none of them get buried and forgotten. I thought these were all great display methods to do just that!

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How do you display your cards? Do you pile them up or show them off?


Anonymous said…
I too have a collection of holiday cards!! Will use them in my home decoration in the same way as you have used.
nothing too exciting happening with mine this year - just displayed on a table. My house mate and I are having a competition to see who can receive the most christmas cards, it's getting quite competitive!! xx
i have the same problem, normally i try to display them on my book shelves but there is never enough space! these are great ideas to show them off!!! thanks for so many great ideas :)
georgia b. said…
i did that clothespin display one year. it's too cute!
Courtney said…
I love all of these display options! Mine normally reside on my fireplace mantle, and then I am always at a loss for the spill over- they end up scattered on other surfaces (window ledges and the like.) I think the twine is adorable, as is the big collage board.

Sounds like your cards will be styling this year; I love the susy jack clothes pin and that is certainly a great use for them!
Callie Grayson said…
great ideas for displaying christmas cards. i usually just collect them on a photo stand and I leave them up until my birthday in march. they make me smile, so i leave them up for a while.
Dana T. Lovell said…
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