gift ideas {for the epicurean}

(1) Magnetic Whale Tongs from MoMa- museum stores are great for unique present ideas!
(2) My favorite olive oil for taste and presentation from Armando Manni.
(3) Beautifully designed coffee pot from Fortnum Mason (unfortunately this specific product is only available in the UK!)
(4) What kitchen maven doesn't love Emilie Henry bakeware? I especially liked this new artisan ruffled pie dish.
(5) Never will you have to manually grid again with these fun Electronic pepper and salt mills.


Anonymous said…
I love how they wrapped that wine bottle. So clever.
Anonymous said…
With regards to Fortnum & Mason, they are actually available in the United States and Canada. See their website
Blair Friedeman said…
Thank you for the comment and I am sorry for the confusion--this specific item (the coffee pot) of theirs is "non-exportable" and unfortunately only available in the UK. But,yes, you are correct they they do have an US online store with many of their items.
oooh i need those salt and pepper mills! how chic for a table :)
summer said…
thanks so much for the comment!
I am greatly enjoying all these finds here at your little spot-- this pie dish is exactly what my mom has been looking for!
Viola K. Norman said…
All are looking excellent . Thank you so much .

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