for the love of horses

I am a horse lover to the core and was lucky enough to actually own two horses, Bentley and Tango, when I was younger. The book, Horses, by Kelley Klein just brought all the memories of horses and riding back. It contains the most stunning horse photographs--perfectly showing their strength as well as their warmth. This is definitely being added to my constantly growing wish list.

(all photos of book via 1st dibs)


Callie Grayson said…
beautiful images!!! horses are amazing.

My parents owned a home in the dairy farm area in California when I was in college and there was all this land...
well one of the owners would buy wild horses and let them roam on his land. I used to go out and stand very still with carrots on my hands.... well the horses would come up to me and eat the carrots then walk away.
I am sure it wasn't the wisest thing to do but they always walked up to me like it was natural that i would be standing in the middle of no where.
Miss | A said…
oh!!! I am a lover too! I grew up riding and any chance I get I ride!! I ride western though- bareback too. I just LOOOVE horses! Great images.
Blair Friedeman said…
So nice to hear your horse stories and to know that you both like them too!
Courtney said…
Horses are such incredibly beautiful and majestic animals; how very lucky that you owned two when you were younger!

I only rode for a short while when I was younger (boo, allergies and asthma!,) but my mom rode for many years; she too used to own a horse and I know she still misses being around them more often. She always talks of having one (some) again someday.
Looking very strong horse and the little girl is so cute . Cut Out Image

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