fireplace baubles

If you have a non working fireplace, I thought this was a brilliant idea to add some holiday glow:

(via domino)


Courtney said…
I have a huge soft spot for candles in a our old house- over 10 years ago- we had a real fireplace, but couldn't have "real" (not gas) fires b/c of my asthma. My mom always filled the fireplace with candles instead, and I loved it!

And this- with hanging candles?? So so pretty. What a great place to put them to use!
what a great idea, it looks so gorgeous too!
Miss | A said…
that is beautiful! We have birch wood in ours, but it is non working! :)
christina said…
So pretty. As for my fireplace, it's gas, but as of last night it's not I'm freezing right now!
Anonymous said…
This is really beautiful!
Olivia StClaire said…
What a beautiful twist on the fireplace candles!!
The fireplace looks amazing . Well-done for this post . Cut Out Image

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