christmas tree alternative

A charming and low maintenance alternative to the traditional Christmas tree.

(via Southern Accents)


Anonymous said…
This is SO elegant I'm speechless. It had occurred to me to do this, and it's amazing to see a photo of how striking it can be.

Of course at the same time, I'd still want the big green tree too! Maybe this would just be nice in a bedroom or something.

Great find Blair. Glad you're feeling more up to snuff today :)
Miss | A said…
less mess too! I love it. Think my kids would cry though- but so beautiful. thanks for posting!
Courtney said…
This is absolutely beautiful. I agree with Anne- this could look brilliant in a bedroom too for anyone who didn't want to sacrifice the traditional tree.
Blair Friedeman said…
Anne - so glad you like it and I am definitley glad I am feeling better too! It was so hard to try and stay away from blogland.

I think I am with all of you that I couldn't really sacrifice the tree when it came down to it (I am getting one tomorrow-so excited) but I think i will pick up some twigs and tiny tiny ornaments as well:)
what a stunning photo & a great idea, so chic & elegant! can we have both? ;)

hope you'll feeling better too, think i might have caught a mini flu too (i hope it's mini!)
Anonymous said…
that is such a simply and beautiful display. i love things in miniature form, especially those ornaments. so pretty!
summer said…
what a lovely idea!
Wonderful christmas tree . Like it . Cut Out Image

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