cheap(er) chic {a silver new year}

These wintry silver and metallic tones paired with a little sparkle seemed perfect for tomorrows New Years eve celebration.

bracelet from banana republic ($49), clutch from carlo fellini ($76), swarovski crystal scarf (50% off), Moschino embellished dress (50% off)


Anonymous said…
i heart the bracelet! ciao.
georgia b. said…
that dress is gorgeous—so 60s chic—just my style! now i want to go to a New Year party and dress like that!
I LOVE how the bracelet matches the dress so well! a gorgeous look!
Callie Grayson said…
I so heart that scarf! and the dress!!!!
it's all perfectly sparkly for new years eve
Courtney said…
I love the look! It is so festive and perfect for the holiday and it all works beautifully together.
Excellent products specially the dress . Like these . Cut Out Image

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