cheap(er) chic: holiday accessories

The theme of this installment of cheap(er) chic is holiday party accessories, as it is definitely cheaper to just spruce up an older outfit with a little shine and sparkle than to buy a whole new one.

belt from j.crew ($38), flower headband by Jennifer Oullette ($85), clutch from Miu Miu (%50 off), earrings from Banana Republic ($39), bracelet by Monica Vinader (%50 off)


Anonymous said…
That flower headband is perfect and so fashionable. I love this collection!
christina said…
I love your cheap(er) chic pieces. This one is fantastic...I'll definitely need to get that belt.
how great is this! if you didn't mention, i wouldn't know it's cheapish at all! great finds & ultra chic!!!
Courtney said…
Yes please. Great finds! And that headband is so much fun.
Blair Friedeman said…
Thank you! I love the headband. I think I may just have to put it in my stocking this year!
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