casually elegant new years

I still have no clue what I am doing for New Years Eve but if I could whip up a table to look like this I most certainly would be entertaining:

(via skona hem)
I really like the freshness of the green accents and that detailing on the decanter and those glasses is just beautiful. I still not quite sure how I feel about the ivy but love the little snippet of foliage on the plate.

Also be sure to check out this weeks special New Years Eve cheap(er) chic below.


Callie Grayson said…
The green is so refreshing with the white. i say rosemary instead of ivy.... but that is just me, love the scent of rosemary and it is so pretty.

What every you end up doing, have a wonderful time and drink plenty of bubbly:)
Happy New Year!!
Courtney said…
I am with Callie, I think rosemary would be a wonderful addition to the table in place of the ivy. Or, maidenhair fern would be beautiful too! But I do love the table setting, it is so fresh!
Clare M. Little said…
Happy year . New year new dream , thanks . Cut Out Image

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