a bright white christmas

These incredibly short days have left me longing for this bright white holiday decor from Bo Bedre:

Oh, to have those stunning floor the ceiling windows!


Anonymous said…
there is just something glamorous about a room that's all white. i am wanting this too!
wow, this is so beautiful! I love a chic white room! and that view, just so perfect!
Courtney said…
Wow. So stunning. I love this room- those windows are phenomenal! And that tree couldn't be sweeter.
Callie Grayson said…
so pure and beautiful! with that green tree just stunning!
Short Stop said…
Just absolutely gorgeous. You are right - those windows are to die for!
Mind blowing scenery . So much thanks for this post on public , thanks . Cut Out Image
Robert Smith said…
WOW! I love this white Christmas decorated room. It's really awesome

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