stocking ideas {little luxuries for her}

Some little but luxurious items that I know I would love to find in my stocking this year:

(1) Kate Spade pencil case
(2) Monogram paper weight
(3) Jo Malone travel candles
(4) Matches (I have been going through a ton lately learning how to start a fire in a wood burning stove) from iomoi.


christina said…
Wonderful list! I would love any...or ALL of them.
I'm so glad to hear you like the cards. :)
Callie Grayson said…
yes, wonderful list. i can see myself writing a beautiful letter and holding the paper down with my paper weight with a "C" in the amazing scented room with my jo malone candles lit by these cutie pie matches by iomoi. when done, placing my pen back in the stylist pencil case!
Joyce said…
Great ideas for the stocking! I candles and the stylish matches.
Thanks for visiting my blog I hope you visit again.

Simone said…
Hi blair, thanks for stpping by. Love your blog, so many inspiring pics! Will be back... Simone x
Emma said…
Blair! I love your blog! How exciting to make a new bloggy friend ... will be reading back through the pages immediately to soak it all up xx
how wonderful it would be if any of these were in my stocking! maybe it's time for a little hint dropping... ;)
Miss | A said…
fun post. loving teh stocking ideas- always get stuck on those but try to keep them CHEAP! ugh....
summer said…
the pencil case has my name all over it- what a great find!
thanks for the stocking ideas, I love them all.
All are looking wonderful . Thank you so much . Cut Out Image

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