One of my favorite days of the year is coming up soon, Thanksgiving. I am already craving the smell of the stuffing be made and the parade (and football) on TV. One of the things that I do not like about the holiday is that so many of the ingredients, namely the spices need to be purchased every year (the pumpkin pie spices always seem to dissapear). So I was quite elated when I came across this organic holiday spice kit from farmhouse wares. It includes 6 sets of spices each containing 12 organic spices and suggested recipes. It covers everything from game day chili, to the turkey (and the stuffing), the pie and even the spices for mulled cider!


That is so cool! Thank you for sharing. :)

The other day that I was in need of more curry, nutmeg, and vanilla all on the same grocery trip. My husband got home and goes "I saw a $65 grocery bill but I don't see $65 in groceries..." and it was because half the bill (okay not quite) was spices! So I'm definitely putting one of these on my Christmas list.
Blair Friedeman said…
I have had that experience more than once! Saffron just to make risotto for two does not go over well:) I think I may use it for hostess gifts!
Tracy J. Ollis said…
Special things are always my exceptional . Like it . Cut Out Image

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